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If you have ever tried searching for Cash Surveys and gave up, I totally understand the frustration.  What I am going to do is search for you and I will list the best that I can find.  If you have never tried Surveys before, give these a try.  I think you will find them fun.  You will have to take a little time in the beginning of each one to give them some information about yourself so they can be able to judge before hand what Surveys you are best suited for, so as not to waste your time.  Have fun!!


I will include only the types of Surveys that I have listed below:
  • Cash Surveys (no sweepstakes or prizes or drawings)
  • Cash Surveys (include, along with cash, sweepstakes, prizes or drawings)
  • Points Surveys (will be able to trade points in for cash or if not, something just as good.  I feel redeeming points for gas is an excellent alternative for cash-it might as well be cash since we all have to buy gas---or you can pick whatever you want---lots to choose from)
  • Cash Surveys that you can build some extra income through referrals besides earning Cash for taking the survey or earning points.  Some will be a one time Cash payout for referrals and then there are ones that will give a residual payout over several levels :) .

I will be adding to this list as I find them. I will have test driven them, also.  If you would like to help me out and add to this list please feel free to go to my contact page and email me. :)

Thank you in advance for the help!